Confronting dilemmas in humanitarian response

Confronting dilemmas in humanitarian response

Photo Credit: Burak Kara/Getty Images

Wealthy nations are now fragile states. Climate change poses an existential threat to humanity. And, the damage done by a global pandemic is not yet fully known but has already erased a decade of progress in the fight against extreme poverty. We are living in a world where crises are proliferating and take much longer to resolve. Some never end.

My guest for this episode of A Deeper Look, Heba Aly, is drawing attention to the many forces disrupting the world and the implications for us all. Heba is the Director of the New Humanitarian, host of the podcast Rethinking Humanitarianism, and a career journalist. Heba is questioning everything from the power dynamics in aid to the increasingly intertwined nature of humanitarian response and development.

Heba and I look at the ethics of humanitarian response and the consequences that social justice, technology and the increasing number of concurrent crises have on the sector. Heba argues that we need to disrupt the current model to get to the root causes of the problem, instead of treating the symptoms. Don’t miss this insightful look at how the aid sector works.

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