New approaches to refugee and migration needs

New approaches to refugee and migration needs

Photo Credit: © Albert Masias/MSF

It’s a new year. There is a lot to be hopeful about as we look ahead, and we heard a great deal of that optimism during our podcast last year on the Sustainable Development Goals. Yet increasingly, the progress we have seen in human development is threatened by larger, and more devastating, complex emergencies.

This year’s theme for A Deeper Look podcast is Humanitarian Crises and Emergency Response. Over the coming months, I will be looking at the crises impacting communities and people across the world — from famine and food security to epidemics to unprecedented mass movements of population — and the innovative, courageous responses that are providing hope and assistance to millions of people.

In this first episode of the new year, I speak with Jana Mason, the Senior Advisor for External Relations and Government Affairs at the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), about refugees and migration.

Jana and I discuss the scale and magnitude of this global crisis, the distinctions between refugees and migrants, and the changing approaches that can help address the evolving trends and needs of forcibly displaced people.

This conversation is part of a series of candid discussions I’m having with cutting-edge thinkers in international development. You can hear it on SoundCloud or iTunes. I invite you to subscribe and join the conversation by leaving a comment or sharing the link on social media.

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