The darker side of development: Networks of corruption

The darker side of development: Networks of corruption

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There is something about the promise of a new year – the idea that the new year can bring change for the better. Many of us working in global development choose this work because we believe we can make a positive difference in the world.

For 2019, we have decided to take a deeper look at issues that global development actors often shy away from discussing – the paradoxes and unintended consequences of global development. We’re calling this year’s theme the “darker side” of development, but my hope is that this season will shed light on issues we need to be thinking about as a development community, so that we can make our work more relevant and effective.

In this first episode, I speak with Sarah Chayes, author of Thieves of State, on corruption and its implications. Sarah describes how sophisticated corruption networks function across industries and sectors, the root causes behind corruption, and what lesson she has learned in years of studying this work.

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2 Responses

2 Responses to “The darker side of development: Networks of corruption”

  1. Malika Laasri Lahlou on

    Very interesting topics Patrick. Thank you for shedding the light on these unfortunate practices. Learned a lot and look forward to the upcoming podcasts.