e-forum: Lives at Stake

Every day, approximately 2,500 young people are infected with HIV and millions more face a high risk of HIV infection. Young people who sell sex, inject drugs and young men who have sex with men are most at risk of HIV. Addressing the needs of these young people is crucial to curbing the HIV epidemic.

On behalf of USAID’s Interagency Youth Working Group, FHI 360 is hosting an e-forum called Lives at Stake: Meeting the Needs of Young People Most at Risk on July 26–28. We encourage professionals working in this area to engage in this global discussion – to share information and experiences, ask and answer questions, and receive guidance from the forum’s experts. Our hope is to create a global community of practitioners who provide services to most-at-risk youth.

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Meeting the Needs of Young People Most at Risk

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USAID’s Interagency Youth Working Group

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4 Responses

4 Responses to “e-forum: Lives at Stake”

  1. BuriNyuy on

    To complete this humble task, this forum should get this book off the net and use the cutting edge advocacy tools in it. The author practically impersonates the virus. It was fun reading it and yet serious messages were passed and still echo in my mind as I post this comment. Go straight and buy even a used copy of ‘Homo Invitus, Memoirs of a Genie’ on amazon. The morbidity and mortality it prevents will be only too apparent to you.

  2. Pramod Shah on

    We are going to form a youth peer group to work on the health initiative programs and HIV/AIDS.Initially there will be selected few schools where our Y-PEER will go to provide the basic information and drama.Then age between 14 to 29 will be called in the workshop.We have already made the group of the youths.