Philanthropy and the SDGs

Philanthropy and the SDGs

Photo Credit: UN Women/Ryan Brown

Philanthropy in the United States has traditionally played a vital role as a catalyst of innovation, research and social change in American society. Yet, as the world unites around the Sustainable Development Goals, or SDGs, what role is philanthropy playing to advance the agenda for achieving these global goals by 2030?

In this episode, I take A Deeper Look with Vikki Spruill, President and CEO of the Council on Foundations and a leading voice for the American philanthropic sector. Vikki and I discuss how U.S. philanthropy is evolving, the importance of tax policy on charitable giving, how different investment models can impact the SDGs, and more.

This is my 10th conversation with leaders in human development in which we explore the SDGs. Listen on SoundCloud or iTunes, and join the conversation by leaving a comment or sharing the link on social media.

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