A Deeper Look: Making development more relevant and effective

A Deeper Look: Making development more relevant and effective

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Jonathan Torgovnik/Getty Images Reportage. Some rights reserved.

How can we make our work more relevant and effective?

Earlier this summer, FHI 360 held its first summit on integrated development, Greater Than the Sum of its Parts. Ben Ramalingam, a researcher and the Leader of the Digital & Technology Cluster at the Institute of Development Studies, delivered our keynote address. While Ben was in town, we talked about how to maximize the effectiveness of international development and how we need a paradigm shift to generate real change.

Ben and I discussed how the pressure for quick results can lead to solutions that are unsustainable and do not meet the needs of communities and how relationships among funders, partners and implementing agencies need to evolve. Ultimately, we should take a hard look at the way we are currently working and do a better job of listening to and empowering the communities and people with whom we work.

This conversation is the third in a series of candid discussions I am having with cutting-edge thinkers in international development. I invite you to hear it, either on SoundCloud or iTunes.

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