Disrupters: A perspective on “good” development

Disrupters: A perspective on “good” development

Photo Credit: Maryanne Pribila/FHI 360

I believe you need two things to successfully address the challenges of human development: trust and humility. Without these two ingredients, it is not possible to foster the collaboration and authentic partnerships that create the enabling environment to make progress on complex human development problems.

This is the final episode of A Deeper Look podcast, both for the season and for the series. I had the great pleasure to share perspectives with my colleague Dr. Otto Chabikuli, FHI 360’s Director of Global Health, Population and Nutrition. But this time, I was in the interviewee seat. I reflect on my career and history in development, starting from an inspiring, life-changing experience in Pakistan. I share my thoughts on some of the most prominent trends shaping development today and in the immediate future: the threat of climate change and the continued progress in shifting management responsibility to national and community-based organizations. We also look at FHI 360’s 50-year history and pivotal moments that shaped development then and now.

Listeners, thank you for tuning in over the past four and a half years as we asked tough questions about what works and what does not in human development. Thank you for your curiosity, your comments and your interest in hearing from the leaders and thinkers influencing our work. I hope you will continue to seek out new ideas and perspectives. Explore without preconceived notions. Listen with respect. Strive to understand other’s preferences and ideas. Be humble.

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