Quality, not quantity, should define development

Quality, not quantity, should define development

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2020 will go down in history as a year of global health, economic and social crises occurring against the backdrop of increasingly catastrophic climate events. It is a year that defines disruption. However, as we jump into 2021, I’m taking a cue from last season’s development optimists to look for how to convert crisis into opportunity. This year, I will explore with my guests how they see us leveraging disruption for good in a post-COVID world.

I’m thrilled to start the year with a conversation with Dr. Kim Holmén, International Director of the Norwegian Polar Institute. A distinguished scientist whose research has focused on climate change, Dr. Holmén has the vision and wisdom to understand the threats facing humanity. He experiences the dramatic effects of climate change in his daily life and sees clearly the path that leads to sustainable human progress. He offers the intriguing solution of shifting focus to the cultural and lifestyle changes that will value quality of life over quantity. To achieve this, we need to change how we think of human development as a whole.

In this episode, Dr. Holmén and I discuss climate change skeptics, the impact of humanity on the ecosystem, the building of sustainable cultures and the role that technology plays in climate change. Listen and subscribe to A Deeper Look on Apple Podcasts, SoundCloud or wherever you get your podcasts.

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One Response to “Quality, not quantity, should define development”

  1. Sara Porter on

    Lively and illuminating dialogue that inspires hope, resolve and action! So important to recognize that rapid societal change will not happen unless perceived as an opportunity for improving quality of life. Therefore the emphasis on how education, particularly of girls, is essential, to insure the next generation will embrace a new context for measuring success!
    Sustainability combined with a new culture of inclusiveness and dignity is key. So much respect for you both. Thank you for sharing!