The future of global development: The critical role of financial systems

The future of global development: The critical role of financial systems

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The sheer volume of financial resources flowing into and out of developing countries has exploded over the last two decades. To keep pace, international banking and financial standards have matured, requiring more sophistication in institutions that oversee economic systems. This month, I sat down with Andrew Spindler, President and Chief Executive Officer of Financial Services Volunteer Corps, to talk about the evolution of frontier markets in recent years. From combating corruption and money laundering to mobilizing domestic resources, Andrew shares insights about the major factors and trends that are shaping development finance in increasingly interdependent global markets.

Andrew Spindler has decades of experience, ranging from the New York Federal Reserve to the Ministries of Finance and central banks in dozens of developing countries. He notes that the 2020s put us all in uncharted waters, as a global pandemic exacerbates income inequality and disparities in emerging markets and wealthy nations alike. Andrew’s insights and predictions are fascinating, whether you are well-versed in development finance or just starting to explore this critical topic.

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