The changing face of U.S. foreign aid

The changing face of U.S. foreign aid

Photo Credit: Sven Torfinn/U.S. Agency for International Development

The proposed cuts to the U.S. development and diplomacy budget may signal a new era in international development. But what’s behind the numbers and what does it mean for U.S. global leadership and for the Sustainable Development Goals?

In this episode, I talk with George Ingram, a senior fellow in the Global Economy and Development program at the Brookings Institution, co-chair of the Modernizing Foreign Assistance Network and chair emeritus of the U.S. Global Leadership Coalition. How will the U.S. Congress handle the FY18 budget? What have we learned from past U.S. administrations? And where do the Sustainable Development Goals fit into the current environment? George shares his insights on these issues and more.

If you care about international development, you will want to listen to this episode. You can hear the entire podcast series on SoundCloud or iTunes.

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