On October 3rd, Mandy Moore, Barbara P. Bush, high-level USAID officials, NGOs, and thousands of Twitter followers came together to discuss how less than one percent of the U.S. federal budget is saving lives, developing new markets for U.S. products and protecting our borders from infectious disease.


Mandy Moore speaks about the benefits of investing in global health.

Only the Start

This timely event was only the start of a very important conversation. We invite you to join us and our partners – PSI, PATH, ONE, and World Vision – and lend your voice to the conversation taking place at #WhyForeignAid.

Tell Us – Why is Foreign Aid Important?

To add to this important discussion, watch the video below and give us your thoughts by including #WhyForeignAid in your tweets. Follow the conversation, stay engaged and help us keep this discussion strong.

  • How does foreign aid improve lives?
  • Why is foreign aid is so important for building stronger economies, saving lives?
  • What are examples of funds well spent?
  • Why do Americans need to care?


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