Introducing FHI 360

Today, as we reintroduce FHI as FHI 360, we take another step toward helping the people we serve meet their health and development needs. Four years ago, FHI began expanding into broader sectors of development. By combining the expertise of FHI and AED, two organizations that share similar missions and a long history of partnering with others to succeed, we will be able to reach farther, do more and serve many — even more effectively.

3 Responses

3 Responses to “Introducing FHI 360”

  1. Nana-Aishat Inu Orogho on

    it really bold with efficiency and effectively on both at the international and national level.Keep it up for many have testify your organisation contribution to their health and development.
    l love to work with you.

  2. Dr. Chukwuka Anaziah on

    A bold attempt at working on national programs with local staff and with expertise paralel to non as seen elsewhere. The succesful GHAIN project is a testimony of the eloquence and strength in intervention program and service delivery. Kudos